Welcome to Soul Chic Cosmetics

Welcome to Soul Chic Cosmetics babes

Soul Chic Cosmetics is a beauty brand that empowers you to be confident in who you are, and bold about who you’re becoming as you walk in your purpose.

For centuries we have curated different kinds of ways to adorn ourselves to accentuate our beauty or show a level of theatrics, we have used cosmetics to be an extension of our expression.

Soul Chic Cosmetics was curated by professional makeup artist and entrepreneur Jackie Akuffo that has worked in the beauty industry for many years. Her love for inspiring other people through beauty applications and self confidence birthed a brand that was once a dream.

At SCC we also love to have a positive impact on the community. We’ve partnered with DailyKarma to help support others in various organizations that impact our future generations. With every purchase we donate 10% of our sales to 10+ non profits that making positive change in our community.

As you follow us on this journey, we will share more fun facts about each collection as well as all the amazing nonprofit organizations that we support and why. We aim to make lives more colorful and joyful through our shared love for the beautiful people in this world. That’s you babe.

Stay tuned for more updates and product updates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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